Colantotte Tao Necklace Vega II (Black)
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Product SKU Colantotte Tao Necklace Vega II (Black)
Brand Colantotte
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  • Sharpened pendant top for a whole improved design which is suitable for various occasions
  • selected high corrosion resistant stainless is applied to the characteristic V-shaped pendant top
  • This new design provides an independent loop and pendant top, so that it can be unfastened from either the left or the right regardless of dominant hand
  • Lighter weight design makes it suitable to be wore during sports activities
  • Magnetic force is spread in three dimensions to work on a wide region
  • New technology positions a multitude of 550 Gauss magnets throughout the entire soft resin loop of the necklace
  • Improves blood circulation and relieving stiffness in that part of the body
  • Colantotte

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